Bream Bay Sports Trust

Over the years the Bream Bay Sports Awards have been run to acknowledge the achievements of local sports people and recognize the work of administrators and the community.
The Bream Bay Sports Trust was set up in June 2020 to formalize the distribution of funds distributed to sports clubs in the Bream Bay area, that until now have only been generated by the Awards dinner.

The aims of the Bream Bay Sports Trust are to promote participation in sport as it is recognized globally as playing a tremendously important role in improving physical and mental health and fostering a sense of community and social inclusion.
There are barriers to entry to playing sport and the Trust is keen assist where it can help people of all ages participate in their chosen sport. This could be as simple as subsidizing club registration fees or buying a pair of boots.

Apart from the funds generated by the Bream Bay Sports Awards dinner, the Trust will be actively seeking funding from the many charities that donate to community organizations undertaking work such as we are doing.

The founding Trustees are Philip Eustace, Graham and Judy Boult, and Marilyn Cox. The Trust wishes to acknowledge the work of Ken Moreland to re establish the Bream Bay Sports Awards in 2017.


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